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About Us

Fly Phoenix Designs

Seamlessly integrating top quality design and technology with our client's vision to deliver bespoke design solutions. Fly Phoenix Designs is an agile, progressive creative design company offering sharp and unique branding for your website and mobile applications.

Our London based team specialise in incorporating the best designers, coders and technical professionals to generate sparkling, lucid designs for our customers.

Who Are Fly Phoenix Designs?

So you’ve looked through our site and thought, “Who are these guys?” Well, we are a team of enthusiastic designers, developers and marketers. We decided to start Fly Phoenix Designs, as we know that when running a business or starting a new business, having strong visual designs can very much reflect the strength and professionalism of your company.

Started by Cesar Restrepo and Kieran Phoenix Chantrey, we felt that combining our technical and creative knowledge; we could start a design company, which really focuses on their client’s needs and goals. Having worked with many start up and small businesses in the past, we totally understand the impact of having professional branding and a fully functioning website can have on the growth of your business.

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